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  • This Page Updated:September 19, 2003

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    ~~~~ EMERGENCY!!! ~~~~

    All you OHSers out there!

  • The Aegis is in trouble! Paul August, the advisor, needs to raise 6000 dollars to keep the Aegis for this school year. That amounts to NINE issues.

  • Previously, the paper was printed at Folger Graphics in Hayward--Paul now says he thinks he can get a better deal closer to home. He's been at OHS since 1988, advisor to the Aegis all that time, and from '88 to '96 he was the Oaken Bucket advisor as well. The Oak Leaves is still in production as well at about 100 pages. Both the Bucket and the Leaves are self-sustaining. The Aegis is published once a month, EIGHT pages. Journalism no longer satisfies the English requirement for Cal or any of the state u's. It is an elective humanity course only. Even at that, the class is 25 kids. Do you realize that we had close to 300 people at the 2001 Class of 65 reunion, and Oakland High only GRADUATED 265 people last year?? To have 25 kids take AEGIS as a class is a big cut of that number.

  • WE CAN'T LET THE AEGIS DIE! It's been around for over 100 years. Paul August is going to try to hold a benefit concert to raise some of the money. He is part of the band putting on the concert. My friends, I appeal to you to donate what you can to save the Aegis. Perhaps in this next year someone can find a way to keep it funded, but for now, our school needs help from us.

  • Even 5, 10, or 20 dollars would help. It adds up. If ten people gave 20 dollars, it would be 200 less that would have to be raised. I'm not one to campaign for donations, but this is a way to help our school. The Aegis was a constant. We looked forward to every issue. Remember how cool it was to see your name in the paper? Most of us could afford a few dollars to keep our beloved Aegis going.

  • Just yesterday, one OHSer on our newsletter list who prefers to remain anonymous, donated a little over 500 dollars to the Aegis fund. I am going to start sending all the CD yearbook money, (above postage) to the Aegis fund (so keep ordering CD yearbooks!). Most of us could afford a few dollars to keep the Aegis going. Another idea is for upcoming reunions to put out a jar for donations for the Aegis during the reunion. I will also try to send a similar letter out through to all of the 7000 people signed up for OHS.

  • This has been looked into and is on the level. We can make out checks to Oakland High School Aegis, and mail them to the school treasurer at 1023 Park Blvd., Oakland 94610. Paul August says the Aegis has a separate account at the school itself. 3 signatures are required, his, the current editor, and the principal. This is necessary to insure the principal doesn't find another needy program to help. Previously, funding was handled by Ken Epstein, director of public info, at the schools admin site--he will not be handling this money.

  • Thank you for any thing you have to offer, including ideas on how else to raise the money.

    Hugs to all,

  • Order your CD Yearbook By contacting Bonnie Hulse


    Currently available on CD are the following:
    (updated Sept. 2, 2003) see below for previous CD's

  • 1932,

  • 1936,

  • 1960,

  • Seniors only for 1961 (until Bob scans the yearbook),

  • 1962 is almost complete,

  • 1963 Seniors only,

  • 1964,

  • 1965,

  • 1967,

  • 1968,

  • 1969 and summer supplements for '62 and 65,

  • and Reunion yearbooks for 61, 65 and 66, and reunion photos for '65.

    I have McChesney yearbooks for '59 and '62

    Bob has also spoken with the Oakland Library and they are lending us any yearbooks from their collection to scan!

    What great news!

    They do not normally lend out the books from the history room, but are making an exception since we are donating everything we've scanned so far to the Library to complete their collections.

    They were missing MOST of the 60's. The first book Bob is borrowiong is 1961. If you'd like one of the already scanned yearbooks on CD, send a check or money order for :10 Dollars for each CD to:

    Bonnie Hulse
    2301 Muriel Drive Apt 39
    Barstow CA 92311.

    I can put more than one yearbook an a CD. I am keeping the price at 10 dollars for any Oakland High orders, since I am starting to scan for other schools, and the cost will be higher for them, but anyone from Oakland High or on the email list, will remain at no matter if books are ordered for Oakland High or other schools

    . I've had soooo many requests from other schools for yearbooks,
    I am going to try to branch out.
    On your yearbook CD's, I will also continue to include a file containing all the photos I've used for the weekly /bi-weekly letter over the years




    "YEARBOOK CD's for OHS"



  • Oakland High 1964

  • Oakland High 1965 with 65 Summer Supplement,

  • 65 Reunion 2001 yearbook, and over 250 Reunion photos

  • 1932 Oaken Bucket (Very first one)

  • 1936 Oaken Bucket

  • 1961 Seniors ONLY section, plus 61 40 year reunion book

  • 1963 Seniors ONLY section

  • Skyline High Seniors Only Section for 1966,

  • 1967, and 1967

  • 1962 McChesney Junior High Yearbook

    If you have a request for a yearbook listed below, please let me know, we will try to complete those years first. A CD of each year will be given to the Oakland Public Library to help complete their collection.

    Still waiting to be scanned:

  • 1916 Aegis,

  • 1922 Aegis,

  • 1931 Aegis,

  • June 1948 Oaken Bucket

  • June 1949 Oaken Bucket

  • June 1951 Oaken Bucket

  • 1960 Oaken Bucket

  • 1962 Oaken Bucket

  • 1963 Oaken Bucket

  • 1967 Oaken Bucket

  • 1968 Oaken Bucket

  • 1969 Oaken Bucket

  • 1971 Oaken Bucket

  • 1973 Oaken Bucket

  • 1976 Oaken Bucket

  • 1977 Oaken Bucket

  • 1978 Oaken Bucket

  • ~~SKYLINE~~~~~~

  • 1965~~Olympian~~

  • ~~FREMONT~~~~~

  • 1962~~Flame~~~~~

  • 1965~~ Flame.~~~~

    Yearbook CD's are , and when possible, I will combine more than one year on a CD for you. They are ready for printing, double sided, complete with both the outside and inside covers. 24 weight paper highly suggested so that the ink doesn't bleed through.

    If you would like to get a yearbook, contact me at :

    order cd
    order cd

    Bonnie Burke '65

    wish I had this car

  • Bonnie OHS 65

    To Get your CD today, Email Bonnie at :

    order cd
    order cd

    For your yearbook

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