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Try To reconnect with your lost loves,
old friends, A lost Parent ,
or maybe an enemy or two?


Read on to see how
you can get your story on TV,
and find that "Lost" Person from your past!

35 years ago~~~~~~~~Today!

This Page Updated: Sept. 21, 2003

Coming Soon.....

Classmates TV !
Send us your story and Infomation to see if you too
can go on TV and Reconnect!


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The Producers of this new show have been in contact with the 'Ol Doc here, in an effort to set up a portal for classmates to submit their stories for review for the Classmates Television show...

The Show , Helps to reconnect Alumni who have lost contact over the years with "That Old Flame" or an OLD BUDDY, "Payback" for an old ENEMY...

They have EVEN located ABSENT PARENTS (According to 60 Minutes, Aired: Aug. 20, 2003)

I am Still waiting for ALL the particulars from the producers of the show, but I Can tell you this much...

To be see if your Story is eligible for review by the production staff, Send me your story to the email below. Your story should include the following:

  • Your Name

  • Your Daytime phone and email (for verification)

  • Your School

  • Your Class Graduation Year

  • Name of the person you wish to reconnect with : ~~~(FEMALES: maiden and married names if possible)~~~

  • Their School

  • Their Graduation year

  • Your last Contact with them, and location.

  • Any Recent Helpful information on locates

    Your story should present a "Theme" such as:

    ~~~ "We Met at a Sock Hop and fell in love in the year 1967"~~~


    ~~~"Hey Bud...Remember The Police Squad Car We Stole at Bob's Party in 1965?"~~~

    Something That will be of interest to the veiwers,
    Be it a Love story, or a funny story ,
    or maybe a story of revenge after all these years...
    Submit your Story and information to me,
    and I will forward it to the Producers of the Show!

    It's as simple as that!-Submit Your Story in full, to:

    send story
    send storu

    Classmates The TV Show

  • gremlins
    This is ADVANCE information!

    Get your Submission in NOW and avoid the Rush...
    Stories will be forwarded on a first come first served basis and final approval will be with the production staff of the show.

    I am still waiting for more information from the producers of the show , but wanted to get a "Heads Up" for all you folks about what's going on...

    So Stay Tuned For More!!!

    Ever Wonder what the GEEK who used to eat PASTE grew up to look like ?

    Here Is Your Chance To find Out!~~~~

    And you hoped he'd turn out cute....


    ... At Least Have tons of Bucks!!!!

    Update:Sept. 06, 2003
    Hey everyone!

    classmates is offering Free Crush Notes for a limited time.

    This means, crush or not, you can contact anyone on the list without being a paid member. Take advantage of this before they are no longer free! If there is someone you wanted to contact, Go to their name, click on it, and it will give you a choice of emailing a note (for paid members) or sending a

    ~~~~ CRUSH NOTE ~~~~

    for free! Girl, guy, whatever, write to who you want for free. I don't know how long this offer will be on, or how many notes you can send. Give it a try.

    Have a good weekend,


    Lost Contact with an OLD Flame?
    Maybe WE Can Help....
    Ya Never Know!

    Or just looking for that old "Partner In Crime"
    Boy / Girl next Door....
    TELL US your story!!

    Don't DELAY!!
    Get your information in soon,
    Avoid The RUSH
    You may find your MATCH
    Made in Heaven!!

    If your Still remembering your School DAZE....
    Write and let us know!
    send story
    submit your story

    Get out that Crayolla, and get your Locate and Story Submission in TODAY!!

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