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This site is dedicated to Oakland High School, It's Alumni,
Students, And All Other Oakland Schools! Write And
Tell Me What YOU would Like to See on This Site!

Ideas would include:

  • What Photos Of Oakland Would You Like To see?

  • Do You Have A SPECIAL project you would like a page dedicated to?

  • Do you Have any Current Reunion News, Updates?

  • Would you like more information on how to appear on CLASSMATES ON TV?

  • Would you like a Web site YOU can manage for YOUR School I can Set you up! It"s FREE for Schools!

  • Want to SUBMIT A Classmates seeking Classmates ad?

  • Find out how to order YOUR Class Yearbook on CD?

  • Would you like to Submit a Photo for our Photo page (must be .JPG or .JPEG)

  • Would you like to get on the NEWSLETTER mailing list?

    Here is where you can do all that!
    Just click on the contact information below and I will direct your Email to the approiate Address!

    Don't Be Shy! I am open to all ideas!

    The Doc.

    What Page Do You Wish To View?

    Folks, I Need News Stories For The News Pages!
    This Will keep them interesting for All To read!
    If you have a Story, or A NEWS update , Reunion news, Current Oakland High School Happenings,
    A Story about a Contact made from Classmates Seeking Classmates,
    ~~ Or ~~
    From Classmates on TV ...PLEASE! Send them along!!

    It's only with your Help This and other sites like it can run...
    They are all free and I do this for free in my spare time!
    We need your Support by becoming active in story contributions of Just site visits often!

    Thanks For Your Visit!
    The Doc.

    By Keeping these sites up and running, we leave a legacy for the up and coming students of our Schools! They Can see what life was like in our time, and see what changes have occured over the years to schools and the school system.

    They ,hopefully may be motivated to start their own sites about their lives and times in high School And it, in turn, will pass along into the next generation!
    It's unlike any period of time we have ever have had before, We now have the Internet to keep Our Schools and Our time alive. Unlike before , where the only information to be located was at the library, and it was "dry" material at best!
    WE can record histroy and make it accessable at the click of a button in our homes for future generations to read!
    Please! BE a Part of it all!!

    The Doc.

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  • Current News About OHS

  • Reunion updates

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  • Photo Submissions,(Must Be JPG or J.PEG, and Photo inserts are not accepted by my server, must be an attachment)

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