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    This Page Recreated on : Setember 21, 2003

    For those of you reducing your hips and butt,
    read the Shopping trip at the bottom of the page,
    you'll laugh your butt off!

    All The Current Fenton and Kaspars Updates Here!

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    Who tragically had his life taken away at age 29 ,
    on November 17, 2002
    (The Ol" Doc's Son.)

    JUNE 13 , 1973 TO NOVEMBER 17, 2002

    We Love you, miss you,
    and hope you have have finally
    Found Everlasting peace.

    Happy Birthday

    Your Dad, The Doc.


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    September 19, 2003

    All you OHSers out there!

  • The Aegis is in trouble! Paul August, the advisor, needs to raise 6000 dollars to keep the Aegis for this school year. That amounts to NINE issues.

  • Previously, the paper was printed at Folger Graphics in Hayward--Paul now says he thinks he can get a better deal closer to home. He's been at OHS since 1988, advisor to the Aegis all that time, and from '88 to '96 he was the Oaken Bucket advisor as well. The Oak Leaves is still in production as well at about 100 pages. Both the Bucket and the Leaves are self-sustaining. The Aegis is published once a month, EIGHT pages. Journalism no longer satisfies the English requirement for Cal or any of the state u's. It is an elective humanity course only. Even at that, the class is 25 kids. Do you realize that we had close to 300 people at the 2001 Class of 65 reunion, and Oakland High only GRADUATED 265 people last year?? To have 25 kids take AEGIS as a class is a big cut of that number.

  • WE CAN'T LET THE AEGIS DIE! It's been around for over 100 years. Paul August is going to try to hold a benefit concert to raise some of the money. He is part of the band putting on the concert. My friends, I appeal to you to donate what you can to save the Aegis. Perhaps in this next year someone can find a way to keep it funded, but for now, our school needs help from us.

  • Even ,5 or ,10 dollars would help. It adds up. If ten people gave 100 dollars, it would be `1000 dollars less that would have to be raised. I'm not one to campaign for donations, but this is a way to help our school. The Aegis was a constant. We looked forward to every issue. Remember how cool it was to see your name in the paper? Most of us could afford a few dollars to keep our beloved Aegis going.

  • Just yesterday, one OHSer on our newsletter list who prefers to remain anonymous, donated a little over 500 dollars to the Aegis fund. I am going to start sending all the CD yearbook money, (above postage) to the Aegis fund (so keep ordering CD yearbooks!). Most of us could afford a few dollars to keep the Aegis going. Another idea is for upcoming reunions to put out a jar for donations for the Aegis during the reunion. I will also try to send a similar letter out through classmates.com to all of the 7000 people signed up for OHS.

  • This has been looked into and is on the level. We can make out checks to Oakland High School Aegis, and mail them to the school treasurer at 1023 Park Blvd., Oakland 94610. Paul August says the Aegis has a separate account at the school itself. 3 signatures are required, his, the current editor, and the principal. This is necessary to insure the principal doesn't find another needy program to help. Previously, funding was handled by Ken Epstein, director of public info, at the schools admin site--he will not be handling this money.

  • Thank you for any thing you have to offer, including ideas on how else to raise the money.

    Hugs to all,


    (Story continued From Home Page)

    "It's tradition" said Jane Timberlake 62, a longtime Oakland Resident, who used to take her children to Fenton's when they were younger and now plans on taking her 6 year old grandson. "They can hardly wait for the big opening day where they can pig out"

    They'll Have plenty of company. After an arson fire in November 2001 caused nearly 2 million in damage to the Piedmont avenue establishment, sending a river of melted ice cream into the streets , The landmark known for it's vast portions and unique flavors is reopening, possibably as soon as Wedensday.

    However, Fenton's will host an open house from 11 am to 10 pm today.

    Already, a seemingly never ending procession of would-be patrons have flocked to the shop to ask questions and peer through the windows as workers finish sanding tables and some of the company's 65 employees train in how to build sundaes and banana splits.

    "There's a pilgrimage of people " Said the owner and Oakland resident Scott Whidden.

    As the news filters through the community, fans from all over the region and state are joining that pilgrimage.

    " I'm on weight watchers, and I saved up all my points just to come here," said Deanna Rosenhovey , 37 , A Modesto resident who was born and raised in Piedmont and worked at Fenton's when she was a student at Piedmont High School.

    " The Hot Fudge , you can't beat it," said Rosen-hovey, who is planning a Fenton's outting with her husband and three children. " I could drink it straight."

    Fenton's is one of only a few independent establishments of it's kind that manufactures it's own ice cream-400 flavors including the popular Swiss Miss Chocolate with about 40 availble at any given time- and dishes out dessert for patrons while they sit back in vinyl booths or swivel chairs at the counter listening to tunes turning in an old jukebox.

    On hot summer days before the fire, the lines wrapped around the block, and Fenton's served 1,500 to 2,000 dishes a day.

    "Besides having the best ice cream around, it's just a good atmosphere," Said Hugh Stickney, 51 , who said he moved to Piedmont from Berkley in 1977, in part , to be closer to Fenton's. "I raised my son here".

    Now 26, Stickney's son has recently returned home after serving in Iraq as an Air Force Lieutenant.

    "As soon as he came back, he asked, "Is Fenton's open yet?" Stickney said.L

    The enthusiasm for the old creamery speaks to it's place in Bay Area history as a unique throwback to soda fountains of the 1920's and 1930's.

    Fenton's has been serving the Bay area since it opened on 41 st and howe streets in 1894. The Creamery moved to a bigger space at 4226 Piedmont ave. in 1961, where Whidden purchased it in 1987. Whidden continued it's successful operation until three disgruntled employee's burglarized the shop, Stole more than two Thousand Dollars in petty Cash, tried to steal two gelato Machines and the jukebox,then started the fire.

    Two of the three former employees were sentenced to two years in state prison, and the third, a juvinile, was ordered to perform one year of community service.

    When the customers start filing in again, The menu will be the same, except for the addition of burgers and fries, but the atmosphere will be different

    The New Fentons has a new 75 capacity banquet room (formerly a storage room) in addition to a 6000 sq. ft. downstaris area, 2500 sq. ft. office upstairs and expanded restrooms.

    New Features include a take-out window and production room that allows fans to watch workers add swirls of fudge or sprinkle toasted almonds into freshly churned ice cream. Also, New, is patio Seating in the parking lot.

    Insurance paid for the basic reconstruction, But Whidden dug into his own pockets to pay for nearly half of the 2.7 million dollar project, money for extras such as granite tabletops, and old fashioned street lamps.

    Although the restoration project was costly, and set back by a series of political and construction delays - Whidden originally expected to open last fall - the effort was well worth it, Whidden says, Something he measures by the overflow of community support.

    "All of the stories you hear make you feel like your a part of something special," Said Griselda Sandoval, Manager.

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      Kaspar's Rides again!!

    (from Home page)

    Hello everybody!
    I wish I could say that Original Kasper's was open but it's still goingto be a while before that happens.
    Meanwhile, I know it isn't quitethe same as actually being there, but Peter Thompson does as good a jobas is possible of capturing on tape the unique flavor of my Dad's'little place' and making you feel as though you're right there atKasper's enjoying a great hot dog and having a great time.

    Peter's production of "Original Kasper's: The Hot Dog Stand That SavedA Neighborhood" will air across America during the following week onNational Public Radio's "Soundprint" program.

    It will be distributed to local NPR stations starting on Friday, June6th, so check your local Public Radio listings for broadcast dates andtimes in your area.
    Here are a few selected local broadcast times and stations:

    San Francisco / Oakland bay area: KQED 88.5 FM -- Saturday, June 7that 2:00 PM (full hour show)
    ,br>Boston: WBUR - 90.9 FM -- Sunday, June 8th at 3:00 PM (full hour show)

    New York: WNYC - 820 AM -- Sunday, June 8th at 10:00 PM (full hourshow)

    Washington, D.C.: WAMU 88.5 FM Saturday, June 7 at 7:30 AM (30 min)and Monday June 9 at 12:30 AM (30 min)

    Philadelphia: WHYY - 90.0 FM -- Tuesday, June 10th at 10 PM (full hourshow)

    I hope you catch Peter's production. He's done an excellent job, andif you aren't familiar with Original Kasper's, you will definitely beleft with a greater understanding of what Kasper's is all about afterlistening to his work!Best regards to everyone!


    Well, I gotta fill the news page with something....

    .More WAYYYYY KEWl Stuff on the bottom of the page!
    Classmates TV link, and email for story submission

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    Doc's Writtin' Corner
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    The Shopping Trip

    I know this has happened to all of you a thousand times, but it just has to be said!!

    I stopped in at my local supermarket to get my evenings worth of Ice cream and soda's, twinkies, and chips
    (I have the diet of a junkie!)
    Sped up and down the isles to get my prospective purchases in the basket and get the heck outta dodge...

    (I find supermarkets as thrilling as a case of hemorrhoids at a 4 hour foreign film festival)

    rushed off to the "Express" 15 items or less checkout.
    (ever notice, they put the SLOWEST checker on the "Express" isle)?
    When, What do I see?

    The guy in front of me, a throwback, and hopelessly trapped in the 60's dressed in a "Grateful Dead "T" Shirt, Frayed Cutoff jeans
    (or maybe the legs just fell off, We may never know...)
    It's 45 degrees out, scrapping the ice off Christine's windshield, The guy is wearing Strawberry colored sunglasses,
    ( dude, the sun went down 5 hours ago )
    I'm sure, Stoned Beyond Belief
    (or maybe still coming down from woodstock)
    hair and beard that would make ZZ top jealous...

    Has a basket (the push cart kind) Filled to the max with 1- (one each) of every kind of fruit and vegetable
    ( A Practicing Canabalist?)
    known to man mixed in with Economy sized bags of Trail Mix, Oreo Cookies, Chips , Pretzels, doughnuts, candy bars ( 1 each of every kind the store carries) , added to: Several cases of Beer, Soda, Wine, and hard booze.

    Undaunted, the checker begins her task, ringing up his booty, of course, the scanner malfunctions on 1 out of three items....
    Then, The P.A. system sparks up, and from the great beyond comes the almighty voice,
    "Price check and UPC number...express checkstand please..."
    up flies the stockboy like a superhero,glances at the object, and like superman... disappears in a cloud of dust....
    only to return seconds later with the much sought after answer.

    Beer and candy bars out of the way, she again begins her task, chips...JB Scotch... Ripple....Doughnuts...trail mix 5 lbs...
    (Who would do that to their colon?)
    ...Cookies...pretzels.. And Now down to the one each Fruit and vegi's!
    Now this requires special handling....
    Half of the stuff the checker had NO clue as to what it was...much less the price... in total despair, She asks The guy,
    "Do you know what this is...the price?"
    He answers:
    "Uhhhh, No Man... But it's Beautiful... kind of like the sun setting over Monterey"
    Again: The divine Voice Speaks From beyond....
    " Price Check...Express checkout ...PLEASE!"
    I swear, at this point I heard another patron say, :
    "look down the isle, it's a bird...it's a plane.. NO! It's SuperStockboy!....
    in a cloud of dust...out of nowhere he appears..eyeballs the item as if he had x-ray vision...
    and POOF! Gone!
    only to return seconds later , to utter, forty-nine cents, and disappear.
    Who was that masked boy? ...I'd sure like to thank him.
    This process is repeated over and over about every other item....I swear I saw superstockboy start to break a sweat....
    "Your Total today sir is: 287.43, you saved 37.96"
    Out of the frayed cutoffs comes the infamous checkbook....
    he writes, forming each letter to perfection and mouthing each letter as he writes
    (Now , why do I think this guy's not the brightest crayon in the box?)
    That being achieved, he slowly...
    (one perforation at a time)...
    tears the check from the book, whips out a driver's license that had to be issued in the 60's,
    (I'm sure The picture was black and white....)
    Hands them to the checker..by now, being after midnight and this being the only checkstand open...the line disappeared somewhere in Frozen foods...
    Those Folks now know how the Donner's felt...
    The checker overlooks the fact this guy hasn't driven anything other than a starship in 35 years...
    and runs the check through the little check checker...The machine buzzes...
    and spits the check out like a bad meal....
    "I'm sorry sir, the bank reports , not sufficient funds to cover this amount" Then..
    The Ackward silence....
    followed by "Like, Wow man...must be a mistake, I just made a deposit"
    (I'm thinking...when? dude, before woodstock?.... And urine specimens don't count!)
    He say's "like, can you try it again?" again, I'm thinking,... Dude, this isn't like a test, where the next result might be better!"
    Again, Buzz!! and out shoots the check....
    "sorry sir, The bank has rejected you"
    (along with many other multi-celled organisims)
    "Do you have Another method of payment?"...."Ahhh Wow man...yeah, how 'bout my ATM?"
    "sir,If your check is not accepted....neither will your ATM card be accepted.."
    Looking back into the long line...there was one guy,half frozen in the frozen food isle, blue, and shivering, ... giving the eye to a portly lady in front of him...I sure he was wondering,

    "will it really Taste like chicken?...

    Glancing back at the checkout counter....
    I see astronuatman counting his cash...pennies too....
    and this guy counts as fast as he writes, Pockets now empty, He's about 197.00 short of his projected goal..
    ."awwwww Bummer man..."
    "Wait! I have my credit card!
    By now I feel a cold chill going down my leg...not because someone actually gave this guy credit,
    but because my 1 gallon box of ice cream was now leaking out the box,and dripping down my leg...Isle...out the door...
    resembling something like a milkshake clone experiment gone terribly Wrong....
    Looking down at my basket..I see what appears to be my chips wilting...
    my 1 qt tub of cottage cheese lid pulsating up and down....
    (New Lifeform? or science project, you make the call!

    Out of nowhere "Admiral Kirk" produces a plastic card
    (that looks like it has opened more back door locks then ATM payout doors)
    Issued by :
    "First National Bank of Podunck"
    , and has a picture of a mule in a straw hat pulling a plow...
    Into the card machine it goes...standing there, rocking to and fro...
    reading the directions on the card reader..uttering the instructions as he read, he gets to the part that say's
    " swipe card",
    he snickers in a drug induced laugh, and answers..
    "No thanks, man...I already did!"
    By now , I roll my eyes back, and think, "this guy's one planet short of a solar system..."

    Now, having a genuine heartfelt concern that whatever new form of life was being generated under that cottage cheese lid, could possibly escape and consume the other patrons like the blob...OR worse...
    join forces with the man from the Klingon empire in front of me, and take over the world.

    Beep!....into the reader the Card goes...on to the keyboard he goes, I assume to enter his PIN Code

    After waiting for what seems an eternity (in earth time) I started thinking... I wonder how long does it really take to get an approval code from Andromeda 3...?

    Finally...The answer comes back...like the long awaited answer from some Hindu guru sitting on top of the mountain meditating
    (uhh, I said meditating, not medicating)
    The checkers Voice breaks the silence..
    "Sir, I'm very sorry, it say's Card rejected, Please have cardholder call 1-800-728-6224"
    As he coaxed and wiedled the checker to "please try again" "I just paid that card off.."
    I had time enough, and out of shear boredom,
    pant leg now saturated with the phantom from Berkley farms escaping down it,
    I start running the numbers in my head and their correlation to the alphabet on a phone dial...
    I came up with... 1- 800-scu-mbag
    (Coincidence ? Or extraterrestrial? your call)...
    Finally..and once again the ominous message reappears...
    Card rejected...ect...ect.."
    I gotta be thinking here...
    good call!
    And you guy's haven't even seen Mr. Worf here..."

    He say's: "let me check the van for my other Wallet... I'll be right back"

    I'm thinking "yeah buddy, that didn't work in the 60's when I tried to buy beer, what makes you Think it'll work now?"

    As he streaks out the door...like a steak with legs and a fleet of pitbulls on his trail...The ominous voice appears

    Now,It could have been sensory deprivation,...
    or maybe exhaustion,...
    or maybe contact high from the man from planet alpha...
    but I swear I heard tiny cries from my cottage cheese tub, like that of a newborn seeking it's mother's milk....
    The Haze clears...
    a voice is heard...
    "Good evening Sir, Did you find everything satisfactory?"
    I replied: "the food was spoiled, but the floorshow was good, I'd give an 8, but you can't dance to it...."

    Looking at the scowl on her face,I could read her mind,
    "Oh crap.. I go from the strange visitor from another planet...
    to Willie the wiseass..."
    as she handed me back my change I reassured her: " Don't mind me, I just can't take myself anywhere..." and headed out the door...

    NOW ,here is where it really gets WEIRD ,
    (like, oh yeah, right...)
    as I got into my car ,The Parking lot became awash in a strange blue light.....and for a second...no, a millisecond...I thought I saw...

    A 1968 Volkswagen van, painted ti-dye, traverse the night sky... and disappear in a flash of light over the horizon...
    The car sputtered...
    the lights dimmed...
    and the CD playing George Thorogood's "bad to the Bone" started playing backwards....
    (trust me,...you don't want to know the hidden message there)...
    And I thought.... Good night....Rocketman.....Where ever you are...
    and Please, don't judge our species by....

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    The Ol' Doc
    Fighting a never ending battle for
    Truth...Justice...and the prevailing wage!


    Oakland High Message Center

    Ol' Doc Strikes Again!
    With a puff of smoke...
    And a hearty HI HO SILVER....

    They'll get you no matter where you hide!!!

    Today , we receive our "junk mail " via Internet, rude calls, at the most inopportune time, (sound in background over the phone....FLUSH....) our mail boxes stuffed with 3 rd class mailers... (bring your wife, children, checkbook....we'll take 'em all!) The vultures have virtually left no avenue of approach untried. I thought I had seen it all, (and the Ol' Doc is high mileage...don't let that get around!) .... until.... About 3 days ago... I received a 3 page "junk FAX" from some reptilian private lender, whose license status is somewhat obscured.... over my business line.... wanting me to mortgage (property I don't even own) for a Half a million dollars for the low, low, low payment of only . dollars a month. (for the first 6 months, and depending on the rates market) It said: Self employed, no income verified, high debt OK, (I thought to myself... boy, the homeless sure could use this...)

    I thought, how rude, Dude should know this is a business line, Why in the world would he wish to tie up another business with his junk, wasting that proprietors time and resources? I dismissed it as I sacrificed up the 3 page fax unceremoniously to the shredder God.

    On the following Day I received The Same junk Fax! I thought Damn! Dude is really pushing the issue here. It's time to fire up the "Strike Back Line" with the Ol' Doc...
    (Eat your heart out David Horowitz...)
    Time to pull out the old medical bag - O - tricks Doc has in his warehouse of tongue - in - Cheek paybacks.

    Engaging The brain (sounds of metal to metal grinding, smoke emitting from the ear ports...) to stir up some hate and discontent over the fax lines I took the day to ponder possible paybacks fitting for such a jerk.

    On the third Day... Bingo! there the damn thing is again! It it's full glory, Fax alarm ringing...paper port empty, Caller, ID lit up like a fugitive pursuit on Cops....OK ... You Alpha-Hotel (asshole , for you that don't speak radio ease) It's time for a little payback here! Looking on the fax report, I note HIS FAX number, writing it down and coveting it like a virgin daughter....

    Next I round up a few simple items... A Ream of plain paper, A box of crayons, (Crayolla , 64 color, voted best by a contingent of 3 rd graders, whose mentality matched that of my Target victim.) And set pencil to paper, first, I generated, on my company letterhead, a Fax Cover Sheet, In The title block I filled out His return Fax Info, and in red Font, size 38 text, Typed in : "Here Is your BIG order as Per your Fax 6-1-03 - 6-3-03. Please Follow ordering instructions carefully!. In the title block under pages, was : 500 plus Cover sheet.

    Next, I composed a long winded dissertation. It read:

    Dear Jerry.

    On the 1 st, through the 3 rd of this month, I received your advertisement concerning the refinance of the residence in which I presently occupy. I really felt the overwhelming urge to respond promptly to your business, Especially after the third mailing of your offer.

    First, I am sorry to report, after checking with the person that really does own the property, He would rather I not mortgage it for him (gee, I wonder why?) and that as tempting as you offer may sound (uhh huh...) He would rather I take a pass on it.

    Ah! But Alas! We Can Still maybe do business! As you may have Noted, I am the proprietor of Doc's Graphic Web Designs... I specialize in the following areas of endeavor, Create, design and maintain Web sites, Create 3 d Graphics and animations, Create, design and mix humorous intro's via computer for local radio stations, build, and maintain complete computer systems and server domains, and in addition to that I also sell computer office supplies via the Internet. The latter of which, you may, after receiving this fax, wish to avail yourself too.

    By Now, you may have noted the shear Bulk of this fax, 500 pages in total. This is for your convenience. I have broken this fax into separate words, and using a Crayon, Brunt sienna, ( voted number 1 by MS Robinson's 3 rd Grade class at Lafayette Elementary) I have wrote each word down in large block letters so as to match your reading skills and comprehension speed in order for you to fully grasp the intent of this composition.

    In addition to segmenting the words, I have added blank pages for "spaces" between words and Punctuation Marks. For your edification, the space pages are interchangeable and may be used anywhere. The Punctuation marks must , however, be used in their proper assigned locations, as interchangeability would detract from the true concept of the sentence structure... Sorry about that.

    As an added Bonus, Since it is in evidence, that your staff finds enjoyment in working with Facsimile documentation, I have included for them, a bit of a puzzle. For the staff's enjoyment,I have by substituted every third page with another from somewhere else in the structure of this document, Imagine the fun generated as they spread all 500 pages over the office floor, and slowly piece the wording together! Shear Joy! It is akin to reading a road map while driving 70 mph with the top down!

    Ah! But back to the business of this fax, It should be apparent to even you by now, given the demonstrated limitations of your mental prowess, That it is not nice to screw with somebody's business lines, taxing staff resources, running their fax machine out of paper with your trash leaflets so IMPORTANT faxes are missed, and in general, acting like some one that has to view lower forms of life as an "improvement Generation"

    Oh, about "Your Big Order" as promised on the cover letter, Well, I always tell the truth, unlike some. I am having a Big Sale on Plain paper, 2 reams for . which by now you may feel the need to avail yourself to.

    This fax will automatically Generate over the next 3 days for your convenience, in order to be sure you receive it.


    The Ol' Doc
    Doc's Graphic Web Designs
    Owner/Wizard/ and pissed off consumer.

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    Fighting the never ending battle for
    Truth...Justice...and The prevailing wage!

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