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This page updated Setember 22, 2003

This Will be the remember when page....
Kinda a tounge-in-Cheek review at now and then
. Hope It brings you a smile...
I will keep adding as I thunk em up!!


HEY!! If you can remember most of the 60's.......

You were NOT very Popular!!!

****Quote of The Week********

  • Remember when.....FLYING A was a place to buy gas, and not the description of the guy who raised the price before he sold it to you!

    ****Second Place********

  • Remember When......A Grease job was something you got inside the lube bay, not at the pumps

  • Remember when... ..Duel AIRBAGS could mean oneof two things...She"s wearing falseys...
    ~~~ OR ~~~
    Both your wife and mother-in-law were riding with you!

  • Remember When....Televisions actually had knobs?

  • Remember When....A Remote Control was the Kids ...Or Mom?
    (This worked for Beer and Chips too..)

  • Remember When....Clocks had HANDS..And you could tell a kid, "Turn Clockwise, and he wouldn't look at his watch and get confused?

  • Remember when... ..If you had Anti-Locks, your car door handles fell off again.

  • Remember when... ..Seat belts held the seat to the floor boards...and nothing else

  • Remember when... ..Food stamps were either GREEN or S&H and nobody cared if you traded them for cash of Televisions

  • Remember when... ..2.00 dollars a gallon ment you were going to paint the house this year....not fill the gas tank!

  • Remember when... Drag racing was dangerous~~~~~ and sex wasn't??

  • Remember when.... A Disk was somthing you slipped while playing frisbee... not something you could play music or watch a video on??

  • Remember when... A mouse would NEVER be allowed in the house... much less given a PAD on your desk??

  • Remember when... A CELL PHONE was a prisoner with privledges??

  • Remember when... A hard drive was the road between Barstow and Vegas in a sand storm???

  • Remember when... A Hand Caculator was made of wood with beads strung on wires???

  • Remember when... A Keyboard was someplace where the valet placed your Car keys???

  • Remember when... Cops were actually your friends???

  • Remember when... A monitor was someone you found in the hall or playground at school, not something found on your desk???

  • Remember when... You could buy a new Car for a dollar a pound???

  • Remember when... You could say you went downtown and bought a new 45 , and people knew you were going to play it... not fire it!

  • Remember when...You and your brother would fight over the CARDBOARD POG that came on the top of the milk bottle... and the milk didn't taste like wax or plastic???

  • Remember when...Ice was always better off the back of the milk truck???

  • Remember when...50 cents got you a movie AND Popcorn And the bus ride home???

  • Remember when...Water wasn't considered a side order???

  • Remember when....5 dollars actually paid for the meal...not just the tip???

  • Remember when...Gas was 19 cents a gallon...and you got your windows washed, tires checked, battery and fan belt and water checked PLUS got a handful of green stamps or Wiki-Wiki Dollars??

  • Remember when...Oil came in a GLASS quart bottle pumped from a tank at the station???

  • Remember when...You would turn on your AM car radio and it would Buzz for five minutes until the vibrator warmed up the tubes...then it would go off when you hit a good sized bump???

  • Remember when...Latest car audio system was a mono LEAR 4 track tape system???

  • Remember when...Am radio was King and FM radio didn't Exsist???

  • Remember when...Burger King was a prince???

  • Remember when...Mc Donalds had served less than a million???

  • Remember when...Bridge toll was 25 cents each direction...and for you real oldies...5 cents a passenger???

  • Remember when...You used to see those "BIG ORANGES" on the sides of highways and could get a burger fries and an Orange for a buck and a half??? (two still exsist in Califoria)

  • Remember when...Television only came in ONE color???

  • Remember when...You actually KNEW and TRUSTED your neghbors???

  • Remember when...Your lawn mower didn't have an engine...and would ultimatly lock up the reel anl leave TWO skid marks in the lawn that POPS would give you hell about??

  • Remember when...your phone number had a prefix like TE or ANDOVER of KELLOGG???

  • Remember when...A Public phone booth was made of OAK with a full door, lights and a fan....And the call was a nickel???

  • Remember when...Crusing was actually LEGAL???

  • Remember when...Nickels Had buffalos on them ... and you could buy a pint of milk at school with one???

  • Remember when...Thursdays were BANK days at school ... and you had to bring at LEAST a dime...What ever happened to that money anyway???

  • Remember when...You would work like a DOG for 5 hours on your hands and knees pulling Dandylions From the Weird old CAT lady's lawn ... and she would only pay you 25 cents???

  • Remember when...The term "Politically Correct" was an oxymoron???

  • Should have passed on that
    3 rd cup of Coffee this morning!!


    Honest Teach....after the firemen put out the fire, them my dog ate my homework!

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