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Robert's Park Photos
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Smackdown 2000

This Page Updated: September 22, 2003

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The Photos From The Smackdown are Here!
This and the Following Pages contain All the Photos Taken By Phil Thompson C/O64 our beloved "Lunch Box Bear" and Jeff Erwin C/O73 Who flew in for the Day to attend !
And The First Picture is dedicated to the man who Made The Outting a Hit! Michael Budd C/O68
I will also be adding captions and stories as Soon as you get them to me!

  • Alumni At Large, Michael Budd C/O 1968
    Our Man Of the hour!!
    Michael Budd , Who is the man who put this event together and made it such a success...

    Michael,found the site, Made Sure all was well with the park reservations, Put together the OLDIES MUSIC and Special Links For BBQ..And Got the word out for a great turnout....HATS off To you Michael! Looking Forward to More Events With You!

  • Phil Thompson "AKA Lunch Box Bear" C/O 1964

    Here We Have The Lunch Box Bear! Phil Thompson, Who Brought one of his "Collectable" Lunch boxes To Share With Us...Phil has quite a Collection of lunchboxes if you have seen the Photo on the Classmates Forum...
    So dust off that OL'Lunchbox you may have in the garage and give him a email about it!

  • Phill Thompson C/O 1964 Ed Golde AKA *Gentle Ben" C/O 1957

    Phil with new Music CD That Michael located for Him.
    Ed "Gentle Ben" Golde, Our other Oakland BEAR at Large...C/O 1957..
    The Inventer of the "CYBER KWIKWAY" idea on which this site is based. I really had a geat time Meeting Ed Eye to Eye , He Has many interesting memories to relate. I look Forward to Talking to him again!

  • Stu Hefler C/O 1973 Our Cameraman At Large! Gotcha!

  • And There Was Food!

    Left:Jeff Erwin C/O 1973 Center: Charlie Nelson C/O 1966 Far Right:Ed Golde C/O 1957

    There was PLENTY of great food, Everyone brought something and it made for a great feast!

  • Lessons on How To Make A Gum Wrapper Chain By Sue Southerlin C/O And Her Daughter For Bonnie Burke C/O 1965 (who could not attend)
    After Several Attempts by Bonnie Burke C/O 1965 To create a CHAIN of Gum wrappers...Sue and daughter decided to make one for her with Photo Instructions , to keep her SANE...Bonnie it's in the Mail!

  • The Finished Product!

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