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Note: in rebuilding this site I lost most of the captions! I will repost them as I remember them!

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This Page updated on: September 22 , 2003

~~ Not Done yet! ~~
Still more to come on the *Smackdown* at Roberts Park in August!

  • Here we see to Park Bears in their natural Habitat!.

    This picture of the two
    ~~ "BEARS" ~~
    was snapped shortly before MR RANGER showed up....
    something about OFFROAD vehicles in the picnic area?

  • For our Forum Manager at Classmates
    Who Could not Attend ...
    Bonnie Burke C/O 1965

    As A "Last Minute" Thought We Generated This Note To you Bonnie At the Close of the event...Signed by all your friends (Sorry about not getting it out before some had to leave)Just to let you know You Were MISSED ! It's in the mail along with your CHAIN and VIDEO !

    Soon to arrive at a POSTAL misdirection center near you!


  • Lots of FOOD was provided for ALL

    Everyone brought TONS of food. Not only Michael's ~~ Famous Links ~~ but plenty of salads and dips and chips!

  • Everybody took a turn at the Grill!

    Both the ~~ OLD ~~ and the young joined in on the cooking and activities. I think the kids had as much fun as us Oldies!

  • Old Friends Reunite!

    After many years, lots of folks got to "know" each other again, and some ~~ New ~~ friends were made also!

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