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More Pictures .......... not done yet!

It's gettin'mighty hungry outIt's gettin'mighty hungry outIt's gettin'mighty hungry out

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We are NEW and would like to really get everybody
together over there!!

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  • Anyone ever go to Mel's Pancakes in Diamond ?

    They are Still there! all surrounding buildings have been replaced, but this one still stands!

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    The Current time
    In Oakland is:

  • Now I know about 1/3 of you went here ...

    The Building Still looks great .. Inside and out. The School District has taken good care of it!
  • And For you that went to Glenview ...

    Does anybody know what this building was for, or who owned it ?
  • Lemert Bridge ... We showed you the bottom ...

    Do you remember the TOP Side??
  • Do you remember the old Lamb Bros , Before it burned down?

    This is it Today!!Your Local *Stop & Rob! * Featuring :LOTTO And RIPPLE
  • And how Many
    Hot Dogs Did you have Here ?

    Kaspar's With a "K" !!!Best DAMN DOGS anywhere! To this very day,I can't pass one up without stopping in And ordering the "Works" with a side of tums!
  • How Many? "Late Night" Burger's or Breakfast's did you have here?

    They are Still there, and The Food , Doughnuts , pies , Cakes and Breads are still gerat!Just go in and take a seat and the great smells will make you very hungry!!

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