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~~~~ EMERGENCY!!! ~~~~

All you OHSers out there!

  • The Aegis is in trouble! Paul August, the advisor, needs to raise 6000 dollars to keep the Aegis for this school year. That amounts to NINE issues.

  • Previously, the paper was printed at Folger Graphics in Hayward--Paul now says he thinks he can get a better deal closer to home. He's been at OHS since 1988, advisor to the Aegis all that time, and from '88 to '96 he was the Oaken Bucket advisor as well. The Oak Leaves is still in production as well at about 100 pages. Both the Bucket and the Leaves are self-sustaining. The Aegis is published once a month, EIGHT pages. Journalism no longer satisfies the English requirement for Cal or any of the state u's. It is an elective humanity course only. Even at that, the class is 25 kids. Do you realize that we had close to 300 people at the 2001 Class of 65 reunion, and Oakland High only GRADUATED 265 people last year?? To have 25 kids take AEGIS as a class is a big cut of that number.

  • WE CAN'T LET THE AEGIS DIE! It's been around for over 100 years. Paul August is going to try to hold a benefit concert to raise some of the money. He is part of the band putting on the concert. My friends, I appeal to you to donate what you can to save the Aegis. Perhaps in this next year someone can find a way to keep it funded, but for now, our school needs help from us.

  • Even 5, 10, or 20 dollars would help. It adds up. If ten people gave 20 dollars, it would be 200 less that would have to be raised. I'm not one to campaign for donations, but this is a way to help our school. The Aegis was a constant. We looked forward to every issue. Remember how cool it was to see your name in the paper? Most of us could afford a few dollars to keep our beloved Aegis going.

  • Just yesterday, one OHSer on our newsletter list who prefers to remain anonymous, donated a little over 500 dollars to the Aegis fund. I am going to start sending all the CD yearbook money, (above postage) to the Aegis fund (so keep ordering CD yearbooks!). Most of us could afford a few dollars to keep the Aegis going. Another idea is for upcoming reunions to put out a jar for donations for the Aegis during the reunion. I will also try to send a similar letter out through classmates.com to all of the 7000 people signed up for OHS.

  • This has been looked into and is on the level. We can make out checks to Oakland High School Aegis, and mail them to the school treasurer at 1023 Park Blvd., Oakland 94610. Paul August says the Aegis has a separate account at the school itself. 3 signatures are required, his, the current editor, and the principal. This is necessary to insure the principal doesn't find another needy program to help. Previously, funding was handled by Ken Epstein, director of public info, at the schools admin site--he will not be handling this money.

  • Thank you for any thing you have to offer, including ideas on how else to raise the money.

    Hugs to all,

    news flash

    This article was emailed to you at the request of : Bonnie Hulse - hulsebe@barstow.usmc.mil
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    View The Oakland Tribune

    Oakland's student newspapers saved

    By Alex Katz, STAFF WRITER
    Tuesday, October 21, 2003 - OAKLAND -- City high school newspapers, including one that boasts Jack London as a former staffer, will keep publishing for at least another year, after a San Francisco credit card and phone company donated enough money to cover printing costs.

    The company, Working Assets, wrote a check for ,100 to pay for eight high school papers. The school district spent that amount to print the papers last year, but it was an expense the deep-in-the-red district could not afford this year, schools chief Randolph Ward said.

    Working Assets, which donates part of its annual revenue to progressive causes, stepped in after reading about the newspapers losing funding in a Tribune story last month.

    "I think it just hit a chord in the company," CEO Laura Scher said.

    Last year, Working Assets gave almost million to organizations involved in civil rights, education, the environment, free speech and other issues. Customers choose which groups receive money. The donation to the Oakland schools was not part of the company's regular philanthropy program, Scher said.

    In exchange for the money, the company asked journalism students to hold voter registration drives.

    "I have no idea where we would have found that money," Fremont High journalism teacher Michael Jackson said.

    The year's first issue of Fremont High's paper, the Green and Gold, hit the stands last week, although no one had figured out how to pay for printing the issue, Jackson said.

    The issue covered the recall election and introduced new teachers at the school.

    Senior Chiem Phingthaung, Green and Gold's editor in chief, said his staff would have published more issues online this year without funding. But printing actual papers is better, he said.

    "We want to cover everything and inform a lot of people, so it will be good," said Phingthaung, 17.

    At Oakland High, senior Rachel Tam said the school's newspaper, The Aegis, is an important source of information for students.

    "Most people, they don't know what's going on around the school," said Tam, a reporter for The Aegis. "News travels fast (on campus), but a lot of it is gossip. We investigate it and write down the real facts, because when we write in the newspaper we can't lie."

    If The Aegis did not go out this year, it would have been the first time in 117 years that Oakland High had no student newspaper on the racks, journalism teacher Paul August said.

    The paper, established in 1886, bills itself as the oldest high school newspaper west of the Mississippi River. During his one year as a student at Oakland High in 1895, a 20-year-old Jack London reportedly published his first short stories in The Aegis.

    August said alumni had already donated a few thousand dollars to keep the paper going.

    Not publishing the paper "would be horrendous," August said. "I wouldn't let it happen. If nothing else, we would have raised the money. (But) every minute we spend fund raising is another we don't spend getting the paper out."

    Although the donation covers this year's printing expenses, where the papers will find money next year is not clear.

    Oakland's high school newspapers are The Aegis, the Green and Gold, the Skyline Oracle at Skyline High, the Tech Scribe at Oakland Technical High, The Crier at Castlemont High, The Warrior Times at McClymonds High, The Dewey Rap Sheet at Dewey continuation high and the Life Line at Life Academy.

  • Help Save The AEGIS!!

    Your ~~ SUPPORT ~~and ~~ SUGGESTIONS ~~ and ~~ PARTICIPATION ~~ ARE needed !!

    Once again, 'Ol Doc mounts his trusty steed of wood, known only to the world as "Soap Box" and rides through the village imparting his message!

    ~~ "The Bureaucrats are Coming! The Bureaucrats are Coming!" ~~

    As you can Tell by reading Bonnie's story above, The AEGIS has hit a snag in the "White Water Rapid Sea of RED TAPE" It would appear that Funding for the AEGIS has come to an end, For reasons as yet unknown.

    The AEGIS, as most of you know is a 100 year old traditional publication by the Students at Oakland high! To let it simply evaporate and be consumed by the Bean counters would be to say the Very Least, ludicrous!

    Paul is desperately Seeking help to keep the publication alive! The publication is written and produced solely by the Students who no longer get credit for the course. Even in the face of adversity, they freely give their time, and still show WILDCAT SPRIT!

    Paul and his students are Putting maximum effort into this endeavor to keep the publication alive, It's now time For "US OLD WILDCATS" to do our part!


    Please, Lets put forth maximum effort into keeping the AGEIS alive! Your Donations , 5 , 10, 20, 100 Dollars , What ever you can give, would help to ensure the survival of the publication. But short of that, ANY donations would be helpful to quell the impending death knell of the AGEIS. What about those Sports Tickets you can't use? Art, Memorabilia, Something that would qualify as a prize for a drawing at an event.

    I have not had contact with Paul yet on this issue, However I have been working in the background to set up a printer who will do the printing gratis, for tax purposes. I will meet with the printer next month to try to firm up the deal.

    Some of my other Ideas would include:

  • An event at The NEW FENTONS for the alumni, With a Mini reunion theme. Tickets could be 25 bucks for Adult, free for kids under 10, With Prize drawings held at say, 5 or 10 dollars a draw.Now come on folks, you Locals are already going to FENTONS anyway!

  • Another Idea , if permission can be obtained, Would be to hold a SOCK HOP at the School! Tickets could be sold at say 75 Dollars a couple, 50 dollars a single, using a Homecoming or mini-reunion theme! A Prize drawing could be held for say 10 dollars a throw.

    What are your Ideas? Would you come to such an event if held? I'd like to get a poll before any planning can take place. Please email me and cast your vote...and if you don't vote , the AEGIS will surely die! Let us know ! I will coordinate with Paul to review and set up the most popular choice.

    ~~ OR ~~

    Submit your own Idea for a function, We will take all under consideration.

    Another avenue of approach would be , Write the School Board, FLOOD them with letters to restore the funding for The AEGIS...WE are all taxpayers, We are all ALUMNI, quite possibly, we can force them to listen by shear saturation! If necessary, through the Media. I'm Sure the board Does not want ANY more Negitive issues brought forth in the public eye at this time, and may be quite willing to reconsider their position on the matter.
    I don't know about you, folks, but I just paid 915 dollars registration for my 23 year old Corvette
    (Thank you very much Gray Davis),
    I'd like to be able to see ONE thing my bloated tax dollar has paid for come to light!

    I will keep you updated as to the progress on these issues here. Bare in mind, no progress can go forth without your votes, ideas and donations!


    ~~~~ VOTE HERE ~~~~



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